School 2.0?

I was just reading Steve Dembo and I realized that I have no idea what an operational definition for School 2.0 would be.  I think I’ve just about got a handle on the Web 2.0 thing, though I still find it hard to articulate to folks in my school division.  Most of them have no idea that the web is evolving.  I’m pretty sure I’m the first to podcast and blog with elementary students here.  The more I learn, the more I realize how far behind we are.  How can we change practice or even reflect on practice when we have no time, no opportunity, no encouragement to do so?  And if we don’t reflect, are we truly able to educate our students?  No one here is talking about 21st century learning.  They are too busy trying to get the kids to pass the SOL.  Many realize that the SOL is a minimum standard and a low benchmark, but they are afraid to step out of the drill & kill mode in order to do authentic learning with the kids.  It’s a systemic problem.  How can we possibly get to school 2.0 when we can barely get school 1.0 under our belts?

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One response to “School 2.0?

  1. “The more I learn, the more I realize how far behind we are. ” I wouldn’t say that you’re far behind, I’d say you’re moving towards the front of the curve right now. I’d say the majority of teachers are either unaware that there’s a problem, or if they’re aware, they’re struggling with it.

    But I do agree, it’s a major issue. Where is the tipping point to enact widespread change? And what can a single teacher do to hasten the process?

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